Safety checks and quality quotes

There’s recently been some media coverage on the quality of some larger company’s safety checks and quotes and we wanted to assure you that as a leading Gold Coast mechanic with over 40 years of experience, we will always treat your car with respect and detail work honestly.

We are a family owned business so our reputation is our lifeblood – if you’ve had a great experience with us, please share it with your friends and family as there can be no greater referral.

It’s no secret that last year we struggled to maintain the business with the surprise move thrown at us but with your support, we’re still surviving!

If you can, “like us” on facebook as we’re going to do more specials on there this year and if you are referred to us by someone, make sure you let us know so we can thank that person. Your “share” on facebook or referral can make a difference!

We remain absolutely committed to car safety and maintenance, so if you have any service or safety check requirements, simply call us today or drop into the workshop and have a chat to Max.

Safe and happy motoring to all!

Regular tyre maintenance and tyre repairs will help keep you safe and save you money

How often do you check your tyre pressure? Chances are, probably not enough but given incorrect tyre pressure can cost you more in fuel, more in tyre repairs and reduce the life of your tyre – it’s time to pay those tyres some attention.

Even if you get your car serviced regularly, it still doesn’t hurt to check your tyre pressure when you have a chance, especially if you’ve been on a long drive or better still – before you go on a longer journey as it can help keep you and your family safe!

Correct tyre pressure can offer loads of benefits including:

When it comes to checking your tyre pressure, a good mechanic will always show you how, so just ask the question! At Gold Coast Mechanic, we’ll always take the time to make sure you understand your car and how to run it at peak performance.

There are usually air and water pumps free of charge at most petrol stations on the Gold Coast and around Australia – so when you fill up with fuel, take the time to check your tyres and you’ll enjoy the financial rewards. Did you know that in the UK, fuel stations charge for use of the air pump to cover the electricity? It’s about a pound so enjoy your free access to air.

If you’re wondering how much air is “optimal” bear in mind that the amount listed in your car manual is a minimum amount. Quality mechanics, such as Gold Coast Mechanics will usually advise to add a little extra than the recommended minimum to ensure optimal performance. Ask us at Gold Coast Mechanic what pressure is best suited to your vehicle as most models have different needs.

If you’re looking to enhance your tyre life even more, consider regular tyre rotation, where our mechanic on the Gold Coast can rotate your tyres to ensure a longer lifespan. Tyre rotations vary depending on the type of car, the wear on the tyre and the quality of your spare tyre.

Even if you don’t have time to regularly check your pressure – always have a quick scout at the tread on your tyres and look for any uneven wear, rocks, nails or obstructions embedded in your tyre. Finding a nail doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new tyre as a good mechanic can do a puncture repair in minutes, often not even needing to put your car on the hoist.

Also keep an eye on your tyres for uneven bulges or “bald” spots on the thread. Balding tyres can be a hazard to your family as it increases braking distance and can cause you to slip and slide, particularly in wet weather. Any steel wires coming from the tyre is an URGENT sign to have your tyres looked at, as this means it’s on the verge of blowing out, which can cause serious accidents, particularly when driving at speed on highways.

The police can issue on the spot fines for unroadworthy tyres and your insurance may find reason to not cover your claim if bald tyres are to blame, so it’s definitely worth having your tyres checked regularly. If you’re buying or selling a car, tyres must also meet the safety certificate guidelines.

We handle thousands of puncture repairs on the Gold Coast each year and can provide approved Qld safety certificates on the Gold Coast. We also have some of the best prices available so give us a call today and let our friendly Gold Coast Mechanics assist you!

Which fuel favours your wallet and your car?

We know you’d love it if we could say that the cheapest fuel is the best fuel for your car, but unfortunately as a leading mechanic on the Gold Coast, we can say that what’s good for your wallet in the short term, isn’t always great for your engine, fuel lines or even the environment.

There’s a very good reason that some of the major fuel suppliers have phased out Ethanol fuel and many Gold Coast mechanics and other industry professionals have realised it’s because it doesn’t deliver the desired outcomes on performance, cost benefits or even the expected environmental savings.

While it might be a bit cheaper when you’re standing at the pump and it can be hard to put in the more expensive fuel – we, one of the most experienced Gold Coast mechanics, know that what you spend in the short term, you’ll save in the long run and not just on the cost of the fuel.

If you used to use regular or premium fuel and you’re now a budget conscious E10 user, we don’t blame you – it’s an attractive proposition at the pump, but what you will notice is that you’re filling up much more often!

E10 burns at a higher level than regular or premium unleaded fuel, which means you simply need to use more of it.

At Gold Coast Mechanic, we only fill our vehicles with premium fuel – it offers better return on investment and we find that we’re filling up at the pump less often. The entire Gold Coast Mechanic family use premium fuel in their cars because of the benefits.

Some of the benefits of using premium fuel include:

For those considering using E10, you should weigh up your options carefully and also consider that some older vehicles are not suitable for E10. published this list of cars and whether they are suitable or not for E10. found that a car driving over 2000km on city and highway roads cost nearly the same to run using 98-Octane premium unleaded and E10. The cost difference was just $18 and when you consider that E10 is so much worse for your fuel lines, fuel intake valves and catalytic converters, the decision seems to accelerate in one direction.

If you have used E10 in your car, don’t stress – just switch to regular or premium unleaded from now on and have your car regularly serviced to ensure that little problems don’t become costly repairs.

Most car manufacturers now recommend using fuel cleaner at least every service, so if you mention this article, we’ll even throw in a free bottle of fuel cleaner (valued at $19) with your next service so that you really can rest assured that you’re doing the best for your car, your wallet and the environment!

For the ultimate peace of mind, always have your vehicle regularly serviced, simply call us today on (07) 5563 2905 or pop into the workshop at 10/645 Pine Ridge Road, Coombabah.

We are also approved Qld safety certificate inspectors, experienced mechanics in tyre repair Gold Coast and have a huge range and great prices on tyres on the Gold Coast.

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What’s in a roadworthy or safety certificate? How not to buy a lemon

Thinking about selling your registered car, motorbike, trailer or caravan? In Queensland, you are legally required to have a Roadworthy or safety certificate, commonly referred to as RWC, to transfer ownership of a registered vehicle to another person.

We do get it better than other states though, in NSW for example, you have to get regular roadworthy certificates to maintain annual registration, whereas in Queensland, you are only required to have one when you are selling a car!

So what goes into a RWC and what’s the process?

A qld safety certificate consists of two inspection appointments.

At the first inspection appointment, the Queensland Department of Transport Approved Inspection Station mechanic will look at:

• tyres
• brakes
• steering
• suspension
• body rust or damage
• windscreen
• lights.

If the vehicle passes on all accounts, you’ll be provided with an approved queensland safety certificate and you’re free to sell your vehicle.

If it fails to satisfy any of the safety criteria, it will be crossed on the first inspection tickboxes. You then have 14 days to repair the issue(s) and take it back to the same mechanic for a final inspection. You must take it back to the same mechanic for the final inspection.

If you thought you’d flog off your car because you didn’t want to complete any mechanic repairs, you may have to consider selling the car unregistered as you need to display your approved safety certificate to sell the car legally registered.

If you think you’re going to be smart or tricky and place the word “interested” along with your phone number or “buy me” and hope to get away with it without an approved certificate, think again as the Department of Transport are pretty savvy and as outlined on their website, you can cop up to a $550 fine for trying to sell a vehicle without a safety certificate.

The safety certificate is there for all of us – it ensures that registered vehicles are operating safely on our roads and gives you better selling power, as the buyer knows the minimum safety standards are being met.

A Queensland safety certificate is valid for two months from the date of issue and we are experts regarding safety certificates on the Gold Coast.

If you’re looking to buy a vehicle and it has a valid safety certificate Qld, bear in mind that this is not an evaluation of the complete mechanical picture – you should always have a professional mechanic complete a full inspection to ensure you’re not buying a lemon.

The safety certificate only considers the basic elements and doesn’t take into account the more extensive wear and tear under the bonnet.

For the ultimate peace of mind, always have your vehicle inspected by an experienced mechanic, simply call us today on (07) 5563 2905 or pop into the workshop at 10/645 Pine Ridge Road, Coombabah.

If you’d like more information, the Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads also offers a buyer and seller checklist.


All mechanical repairs – Gold Coast

So you need a Gold Coast mechanic to look after your car? You’ve come to the right place.

We are:
Caltex Coombabah Workshop, we have relocated after 25 years at our previous address at 390 Oxley Drive Coombabah/Runaway Bay, QLD 4216, Australia. Our new address is Unit 10 645 Pine Ridge Road Biggera Waters.

Firstly, if you have any urgent issues please phone 07 55 632 905 and speak to someone who cares. Guaranteed human every time!

Now onto what we do:
We specialise in log book servicing, brakes, the latest in computer diagnostics and safety certificates (roadworthy certificates – RWC), and we offer FREE drop off and pick up within 5km of our workshop, we can arrange pick up and drop off’s further abroad for a fee. Bookings are essential.

We realise that once you’re onto a good thing you’ll want to stick to it, so we provide quality parts, and honest labor across the following:

* tyres & wheel balancing
* steering & steering alignment
* suspension
* disc & drum brakes (new parts, and servicing of existing parts), brake fluid
* windscreens & windscreen washers
* lights
* batteries & fuel cleaner.

Click for full list of mechanical services.

If you don’t see what you’re after give us a call and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction: 07 55 632 905

Our Gold Coast operation is fully licensed by Queensland Transport, so you can trust our safety inspections will keep you and your family safe.

For friendly, reliable & trustworthy service call us today on 07 55 632 905

Biggera Waters workshop, Unit 10 – 645 Pine Ridge Road, Biggera Waters, Queensland, Australia.