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Regular tyre maintenance and tyre repairs will help keep you safe and save you money

How often do you check your tyre pressure? Chances are, probably not enough but given incorrect tyre pressure can cost you more in fuel, more in tyre repairs and reduce the life of your tyre – it’s time to pay those tyres some attention. Even if you get your car serviced regularly, it still doesn’t […]

Which fuel favours your wallet and your car?

We know you’d love it if we could say that the cheapest fuel is the best fuel for your car, but unfortunately as a leading mechanic on the Gold Coast, we can say that what’s good for your wallet in the short term, isn’t always great for your engine, fuel lines or even the environment. […]

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What’s in a roadworthy or safety certificate? How not to buy a lemon

Thinking about selling your registered car, motorbike, trailer or caravan? In Queensland, you are legally required to have a Roadworthy or safety certificate, commonly referred to as RWC, to transfer ownership of a registered vehicle to another person. We do get it better than other states though, in NSW for example, you have to get […]