Regular tyre maintenance and tyre repairs will help keep you safe and save you money

How often do you check your tyre pressure? Chances are, probably not enough but given incorrect tyre pressure can cost you more in fuel, more in tyre repairs and reduce the life of your tyre – it’s time to pay those tyres some attention.

Even if you get your car serviced regularly, it still doesn’t hurt to check your tyre pressure when you have a chance, especially if you’ve been on a long drive or better still – before you go on a longer journey as it can help keep you and your family safe!

Correct tyre pressure can offer loads of benefits including:

When it comes to checking your tyre pressure, a good mechanic will always show you how, so just ask the question! At Gold Coast Mechanic, we’ll always take the time to make sure you understand your car and how to run it at peak performance.

There are usually air and water pumps free of charge at most petrol stations on the Gold Coast and around Australia – so when you fill up with fuel, take the time to check your tyres and you’ll enjoy the financial rewards. Did you know that in the UK, fuel stations charge for use of the air pump to cover the electricity? It’s about a pound so enjoy your free access to air.

If you’re wondering how much air is “optimal” bear in mind that the amount listed in your car manual is a minimum amount. Quality mechanics, such as Gold Coast Mechanics will usually advise to add a little extra than the recommended minimum to ensure optimal performance. Ask us at Gold Coast Mechanic what pressure is best suited to your vehicle as most models have different needs.

If you’re looking to enhance your tyre life even more, consider regular tyre rotation, where our mechanic on the Gold Coast can rotate your tyres to ensure a longer lifespan. Tyre rotations vary depending on the type of car, the wear on the tyre and the quality of your spare tyre.

Even if you don’t have time to regularly check your pressure – always have a quick scout at the tread on your tyres and look for any uneven wear, rocks, nails or obstructions embedded in your tyre. Finding a nail doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new tyre as a good mechanic can do a puncture repair in minutes, often not even needing to put your car on the hoist.

Also keep an eye on your tyres for uneven bulges or “bald” spots on the thread. Balding tyres can be a hazard to your family as it increases braking distance and can cause you to slip and slide, particularly in wet weather. Any steel wires coming from the tyre is an URGENT sign to have your tyres looked at, as this means it’s on the verge of blowing out, which can cause serious accidents, particularly when driving at speed on highways.

The police can issue on the spot fines for unroadworthy tyres and your insurance may find reason to not cover your claim if bald tyres are to blame, so it’s definitely worth having your tyres checked regularly. If you’re buying or selling a car, tyres must also meet the safety certificate guidelines.

We handle thousands of puncture repairs on the Gold Coast each year and can provide approved Qld safety certificates on the Gold Coast. We also have some of the best prices available so give us a call today and let our friendly Gold Coast Mechanics assist you!

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